SOLAR DEMISE Death Metal band from Colombia, was born in 2016 founded by John Pineda on drums  (former member of Devoured Decapitation Band) and Juliàn Pineda on Guitars, after a couple of years of musical composition recorded and mixed their first full length called "Archaic War" between November 2016 and February 2017 at IAJ Sound Labs, with the participation Ivan Jaramillo of Ancient Necropsy Band on guitars, bass and vocals. "Archaic War" was released on January 20, 2018 via Narcoleptica Production and Envenomed Music.

On January 2020, Juan Agudelo joins the band in the vocals, during the lockdown of the covid-19 we wrote and composed "Born Of Chaos" our second studio album, recorded between October and November at IAJ Sounds Labs Medellin Colombia, released by Narcoleptica Productions on May 1, 2021

The lyrics of the band is based on the chaos, destruction and apocalypse generated by the universe as we know from his origins and during the process of evolution that continues to this day.