Released by Narcoleptica Productions in May 1, 2021


1. Towards Eternity
2. The Origin
3. Eternal Flames
4. The Mysteries
5. Born Of Chaos
6. Stellar Alchemy
7. The Shades
8. Solar Demise
9. The Black Heart
10. The Infinity
11. Into The Dark

Music and Lyrics by Solar Demise
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at IAJ SounsLabs Studios Medellín, Colombia
Artwork by Pedro Sena - Lordigan

Juan Agudelo "El Chino" - Vocals
Julián Pineda - Guitars
John Pineda - Drums

Released by Narcoleptica Productions and Envenomed Music in January 20, 2018

ARCHAIC WAR recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at IAJ Sound Labs Medellin Colombia

Song List

1.  Prelude to War
2.  In The Wake of the Evolution
3.  Natural Apocalypse
4.  Eternal Destruction
5.  Kingdom of Darkness
6.  Chaotic Divinity
7.  End of Earth
8.  In The Beginning
9.  Dark and Cold Planet
10. Archaic War
11. In The Eternity

All music and lyrics written by John Pineda.
Guitars plays by Ivan Jaramillo and Julián Pineda.
Bass and vocals plays by Ivan Jaramillo
Drums plays by John Pineda.